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    Discover our range of Wagobox® enclosures: screw-free design, integrated adjustable cable clamps and BS 7671 compliant.

Our Story

When a new concept in screw free connectors by German company WAGO entered the UK market, electrician, and Connexbox founder, Ray Brewer identified the need for a junction box that could hold the connectors safely and securely while being synonymous with the safety, reliability and ease of use associated with WAGO Connectors.

In 2006 Ray demonstrated the first Wagobox® prototype to fellow electricians at the Coventry ElexShow.

Wagobox® enclosures are now the highest-rated brand of maintenance-free enclosures in the UK and are acclaimed for their 100% reliability, as well as being simple, quick and safe to use. 

Wagobox® are also fully endorsed by WAGO UK, our main distributor.

An open Wagbox junction box with connected cables inplace.

Why Wagobox® Enclosures?

100% Screw Free

No fiddly screws to contend with. Cables and connectors are held securely in place by integrated cable clamps and adjustable cable grippers

Easy Mounting Option

An integrated slide action mounting slot allows the Wagobox® to be easily mounted on most surfaces. Mounting buttons may be sold separately

Quick and Easy to Install

The hassle-free, intuitive design of the Wagobox® speeds up the installation process, without compromising standards

Safe and Reliable

Wagobox® enclosures are designed and manufactured in the UK, and undergo rigorous product testing to ensure long-term quality, durability and reliability


Every Wagobox® product meets the requirements of BS 7671 2018 regulations. See individual Wagobox® product information for more details

Maintenance Free

BS 5733-MF compliant when used as directed in supplied installation instructions for BS 5733-MF (Maintenance Free Accessory)

Wagobox® Product Range


Our original Wagobox®. For cable sizes up to 6mm. Overall Diameter 8mm.


​Wago 222 series lever connectors
​Wago 773 series pushwire connectors
​Wago 221 series lever connectors (with 221 adapter)
​Wago 2273 series pushwire connectors (with 2273 adapter)


​Lighting and Power circuits. Circuit repairs and alterations.


Wagobox® Light

Our only through box. Perfect for installing downlights. For cable sizes up to 2.5mm. Overall Diameter 8mm.


​Wago 224-101 Pushwire to Cage Clamp Connector
Wago 224-112 2x Pushwire to Cage Clamp Connector 
Wago 260 Modular Terminals
​Wago 294 Modular Terminals

Wago 221-2411 Inline Lever Connectors

​Lighting and Power circuits. Circuit repairs and alterations.


Wagobox® 221-4

Designed specifically for WAGO 221 4mm series connectors. The Wagobox® 221-4 enclosure has increased connector capacity via an extra receptacle, a useful middle shelf for the earth connector to rest on and integrated cable grippers with improved flexibility.

​For cable sizes:
​5 x 4.0mm² Twin & Earth or 
​5 x 1.0, 1.5 or 2.5mm² Twin & Earth or 
​5 x 1.0 or 1.5mm² 3-core & Earth


​Wago 221-4xx series LeverClamp connectors

Wago 2773-402, 403, 404 and 405 PUSH WIRE® connectors

​Lighting and Power circuits, Circuit repairs and alterations, CCTV.


Wagobox® XL

Extra large for more choice of applications. The internal layout of our WAGOBOX® XL can also be considered as two separate halves - a left and right side with a larger central connector receptacle between the two.

For cable sizes:

0.14mm2 to 4mm2

​Wago 221 series lever connectors
​Wago 2273 series pushwire connectors

​Wago 2773 series pushwire connectors

​Lighting and Power circuits, Circuit Repairs and Alterations, CCTV, Security Alarms, S-Plan Heating


Wagobox® XLA

Extra-large and adaptable. Our Wagobox®

 XLA enclosure can support conductor sizes from 0.08mm² to 6mm²

​For cable sizes:
​0.08mm2 to 6mm2`


​Wago 222 series lever connectors
​Wago 773 series pushwire connectors
​Wago 2273 series pushwire connectors (with 2273 adapter)
​Wago 221 series lever connectors (with 221 adapter)

​Lighting and Power circuits, Circuit Repairs and Alterations, CCTV, Security Alarms, S-Plan Heating


Wagobox® Capsule

Built for tough conditions. The Wagobox Capsule is rated IP68 and is suitable for permanent submersion in depths up to 4 metres (when used with appropriate cable glands). It can also be directly buried into soil or positioned in direct sunlight.

Available in Clear, Black, Grey or White

​For demanding applications where protection against the elements is essential such as Outdoor Garden and Security Lighting, Electric Gates, Offshore Oil and Gas, River and Reservoir Bed Monitoring, Water Treatment, Food Processing, Security Lighting and more.

​Optional extras include wall and post mounting brackets, lid and side earth plates and IP68 glands.

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OEM Options

We offer bespoke modification of our existing Wagobox®

 products for customers requiring enclosures for unique applications.

Our OEM projects include a European manufacturer of IoT environmental equipment who had created an ultrasonic level sensor for monitoring waste, sewage and liquid levels. They required a robust, waterproof enclosure to house the sensor and approached Connexbox after seeing our IP68 Wagobox® Capsule. 

After describing their unique requirements to us, we modified the design of our standard IP68 Capsule and produced a prototype. After gaining approval from our customer, the bespoke capsule was then manufactured to the required quantities. We also laser engraved our customer's branding on to the product. 

Contact our team now to discuss your specification.

Our Resellers

Our Wagobox® product range is stocked in over 2500 outlets including national chains such as Rexel, City Electrical Factors and Screwfix, as well as independent trade and DIY stores across the UK and Europe. 

All work closely with ourselves and our main distributor, WAGO UK.

Medlock Electrical Distributors

Our Industry Partners -  

Connexbox is a trusted designer and manufacturer of enclosures made specifically for WAGO Connectors and we pride ourselves on working closely with our main distribution partner WAGO UK. 

A range of Wago connectors