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Wagobox Capsule

Technical Data
BS EN 60529 

Ingress Protection: up to IP68

Weight: 131.0 g 

Dimensions: Lid Diameter 92mm, Height 122mm, Body width 85mm 

Gland sizes M16, M20

Max Operating Temp 125°C

Product Includes: Capsule Base, Lid, 2 x O rings and 1 x Sachet of Silicone Grease

Wall mounting, post mounting brackets and earth bonding plates are sold separately.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any pre-cut gland holes?

No. The Wagobox-Capsule is an adaptable enclosure. This means that holes will need to be cut using an appropriate hole cutter to suit the gland that will be fitted. Gland holes are usually quoted as: M12, M16, M20, M25, M32, M40, M50 and M63.  These relate directly to the hole size required,  eg. M12 is 12mm diameter hole. 

What gland sizes can be used?

The Wagobox-Capsule can be used with either M12, M16 or M20 glands. However, the Wagobox-Capsule has in general been designed to be used with M20 glands.

What type of glands can be used?

Any type of gland can be used up to and including size M20.

How many glands can be fitted to the Wagobox-Capsule?

Up to 11.  3 glands can be fitted to the lid and 2 glands to each of the 4 flat sides of the base. Though this is a possible solution, care needs to be taken not to over do it!  Consider if each cable has three cores then there will need to 33 connection points within the capsule and this could then require multiple connectors to be joined together to make a common earth terminal for example. It may not be possible to get the lid back on!  As a rule of thumb we would recommend keeping to a maximum of 5 gland entries.

What connectors can be used with the Wagobox-Capsule

Any connector that is appropriate to the type of wire that needs to be connected.

Capsule Accessories
Wall Mounting Brackets

Available in Black, Grey or White. 

Post Mounting Brackets

Available in Black, Grey or White.

Lid Earth Plate

Designed to ensure earth continuity when terminating brass glands into non metallic enclosure. 

Side Earth Plate

Wagobox-Capsule Stainless Steel Earth Bonding Plate for side entry applications

Thumb Tool

Operating Tool for releasing lid of the Wagobox-Capsule

Compression Glands

IP68 GripLocSeal® Long Thread Metric range of nylon cable glands.

Contact us for more information.

Armoured Cable Glands

The IPLUS™ Corrosion Guard Gland is designed for use with Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) cable.

Contact us for more information.

Where to Buy

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