What are ConnexPoints all about?
ConnexPoints are our way of saying thank you for supporting us and shopping on the Wagobox store.

So what can I do with my ConnexPoints?
ConnexPoints are used to apply an extra discount to your orders on the Wagobox store. They are separate from any other offers that are available and completely unique to each Wagobox customer.

Do I need to register on the Wagobox website to earn ConnexPoints?
Yes, The website will use your account to track and record your ConnexPoints and keep you informed of your account balance.

How do I earn ConnexPoints?
There are a number of way you can earn ConnexPoints and it's not just about placing orders:

  • Placing orders. Every pound you spend will earn 1 Connexpoint on your account.
  • Registration. Just by registering as a customer on the Wagobox store we will credit your account with 30 ConnexPoints
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter. We like to keep customers of developments and special offers so occasionally we send out an email newsletter. Simply subscribe to our newsletter to receive 20 ConnexPoints on your account.
  • Reviewing Products. Customer feedback has always been important to us and we receive many calls from customers letting us know what they like about our products. We also welcome requests for new products and adaptations, so write a review and receive 5 ConnexPoints for each review. (Maximum of 1 review per day).
  • Facebook Likes.  If you like some Wagobox products why not share this with your Facebook friends and earn ConnexPoints. Each Product Facebook like will credit your account with 2 ConnexPoints and you can Like 3 different products each day.
  • Product Tags. Product Tags are a great way to highlight a feature or group products in a helpful way using either a word or short phrase. For example 'Solid core' could be a tag for a selection of pushfit connectors you like to use, or 'Downlights' could be used to tag Wagobox-Light junction boxes and 224 connectors. You can create your own tag's or use tags other customers have suggested. Every Tag will earn you 2 ConnexPoints and you can create or use a maximum of 2 tags in a day.  Please note that tag's are moderated by the website administrator and so only tag's that are appropriate and helpful will be accepted.
  • Participate in a Poll. From time to time we like to invite visitors to the Wagobox store to vote or provide feedback using a multiple choice poll. Simply vote and we will credit your account with 2 ConnexPoints.
  • Refer a Friend. Wagobox has only been around for a few years and the fact that we have been able to grow has been in no small way down to customer recommendation. The refer a friend feature of the ConnexPoints reward program now gives us the ability to give back some of that support we have received. For every friend that you refer to the Wagobox store your account will be credited with 15 ConnexPoints (up to a maximum of 30 ConnexPoints per day), for every order placed by your friend you will receive a credit of 20 ConnexPoints in your account.
  • ConnexPoints Vouchers. During special events or promotions ConnexPoint vouchers can be distributed. The voucher codes can be entered directly into your account profile to receive ConnexPoints.
  • Special Offers. From time to time certain products may be offered with extra ConnexPoints

Is there a maximum limit to the number ConnexPoints I can hold?
The maximum limit is currently 2000 ConnexPoints

Do ConnexPoints expire?
Yes, Connexpoints that remain unused for a year will expire from the Wagobox website. The website will send you information about any points you have that are about to expire before they are removed

Can I spend my ConnexPoints elsewhere?
No, ConnexPoints are non-transferable and can only be used discounts on the Wagobox website.