We answer your frequently asked questions about Wagobox enclosures

Why have Connexbox closed their online shop?

Our website was built on a system called Magento V1. This has been made end of life and is no longer supported for PCI/DSS compliance.  Our Wagobox stockists are available on our website here.

Why didn't Connexbox make a new ecommerce website?

When Wagobox was first launched, we had to sell online as we had no other outlets. Over the last 10 years the number of outlets that resell our products has grown to over 2000 and is increasing all the time. This has massively decreased the number of sales we make over the internet. We cannot see this trend changing, so we decided to focus on promoting our products and account sales.

I usually buy my WAGO connectors from Connexbox. Can I still buy these?

Yes. If you are an electrical contractor we now have a dedicated business portal where you can place order for WAGO building services and TopJob Connectors. Contact Helen Meads, our Marketing and Communications Manager and she will set up an account for any qualifying businesses.

How do I become a stockist or distributor?

To become a stockist or distributor of Wagobox enclosures, please give Helen a call on +44 (0) 1353 888346 or send her an email

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